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Gryphon case series

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Item weight:

Net weight: 22 kg.

For transportation safety, the gross weight of the packaged items is 23.7kg

Item size:

Overall dimensions:  Dength =423mm  Width = 440 mm Height = 260mm

Internal dimensions:   Dength = 400mm width =350mm  height = 245mm

Material thickness:

Surface treatment: oxidation, white, wire drawing,
Front panel: 20MM,
Rear panel: 3MM,
Upper and lower cover: 3MM
Left and right radiator {50MM*250MM*400MM) substrate thickness: 11MM


Power socket*1
Rubber machine feet*1 set
Screw*1 set

Purchase notice:

1), If you have special requirements for functional size, please contact me!

2),The product is the outer casing of the power amplifier, without internal parts.

3), This product is the outer casing of the power amplifier and does not contain internal parts (please contact me if necessary).


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